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About Us

Demystifying Decluttering & Organizing

Decluttering and Organizing involves breaking down the process into manageable steps to simplify your space and life. It's about identifying what's essential, letting go of what's unnecessary, and creating systems to maintain order. By understanding the principles of decluttering and organizing, you can develop personalized strategies that suit your lifestyle and preferences, leading to a more efficient and harmonious living environment.

About Messmerize

We are a pioneer organization specializing in Decluttering and Organizing services for home & office spaces. With a commitment to creating harmonious and tidy living spaces, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry. Our USP lies space utilization using the world renowned Japanese Konmari Method – a transformative approach to decluttering that focuses on tidying by category and sparking joy.

At Messmerize, our team of skilled professionals understand the importance of an organized environment for enhancing productivity, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being. By incorporating the principles of the Konmari Method, we assist clients in decluttering their homes, offices, and other spaces bringing joy in life ensuring that our client’s space becomes a reflection of their authentic self.

Meet Our Founder

Decluttering & Organizing Expert I Konmari Consultant I NLP Practitioner I Bestselling Author I Mother

As Rachna delved into her KonMari journey, it revolutionized her life, bringing clarity, purpose, and a profound peace that transformed her career and decision-making. This developed an insatiable passion for decluttering and organizing propelling her to conclude her career which was at the apex in academia as the Head of Corporate Relations with a top B School of the Country. With over 15 years in Education, Leadership and an MBA in HR, she took the plunge with a mission to help people create a profound sense of clarity and harmony in their lives & thus Messmerize was born.

Rachna has spearheaded a revolution in India, transforming organization into a widespread movement. Introducing RK’s Zen Sort Method, meticulously tailored to suit the vibrant Indian lifestyle and unique cultural needs. This method isn't just about tidying up; it's a personalized approach to decluttering and organizing, designed to resonate with the essence of Indian living. Rachna's vision is to inspire and empower individuals across the nation to embrace a more organized and fulfilling way of life.

Therapy with me is not just about the past because sometimes problems require immediate attention and practical skills NOW. In addition to exploring the past, I will also give you the tools you need and help guide you as you gain new confidence, try on new behaviors and attitudes, and triumph over life’s challenges in the here and now.

You may be struggling with:

Methods I may use to help:



- Pregnant and postpartum rehabilitation
- Antenatal education for natural birth







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Start your Holistic Journey with me

I am an obstetrician and gynecologist by profession, but beyond that, I’m not just a job title! My field of work doesn’t just come about because of study and a degree, it’s a passion that I have for caring for mums-to-be and delivering their babies! For me, each patient is different because each baby is different. So I think beyond that name, “doctor”, there’s something much more that we relate to with pregnant women, because we go through a very special journey with her for up to 10 months. It becomes something like a family relationship for that time, so it’s exciting for me.

When I meet a new mother-to-be the first thing I notice is how they feel to meet me. I’m aware that I’m the person in the white coat, the doctor, so in our first meeting I can often see some apprehension. They already understand a certain amount because of Google, but sometimes the information they have might be understood out of context, or it might be incorrect information. But once we have a chance to talk and get to know each other, women quickly feel settled and relaxed, which is so important for us both.

The first meeting is usually the longest, because we need to get to know each other. I like to find out about the woman herself, her daily activities, what she eats, how she sleeps, the environment around her, how her typical day goes, etc. All of these things contribute to who she is and how she is and therefore how her pregnancy will go. So, with this information, I can plan and tailor things specifically for her, according to her own individual needs.

The most common anxiety every woman has is the question of ‘is my baby well and healthy?’ Quite often, pregnant women hide their anxieties. In my experience, some women don’t feel able to share their fears with a partner or a family, because they assume they would just brush it away as just being nothing major to worry about. I think they feel safe talking with me because I don’t judge and I can help her to better understand the issues that she’s worried about.

I tell my patients to try and let go of these fears because pregnancy is not something like a job you’re doing, and they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You don’t arrive at pregnancy in the perfect form to cope with everything at the outset – none of us do. We all have an image of how the perfect mother should be, but it’s a false one! So, I advise my mums-to-be to simply settle in with who you are and don’t try to be like someone else. Every woman should know that she is special. Her baby is special. She and her friends are different. So once you get into that mindset, I think that your pregnancy journey becomes your own journey. And it’s wonderful!

Yearly Subscription Package

Offering a yearly subscription package can provide clients with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure their space remains organized throughout the year.The Yearly Organization Maintenance Subscription is designed to provide clients with regular visits from professional organizers to maintain the organization of their home. With scheduled sessions throughout the year, clients can enjoy a clutter-free and functional space year-round.A professional organizer visits the client’s home every three months for a thorough organization check-up. Identify any areas that need decluttering or reorganization.Make necessary adjustments to maintain an organized space.

Paper and Digital Clutter Management

We helps the clients to organize their physical paperwork and digital files to reduce clutter and improve accessibility.

New Home Moves

Helping clients plan and execute a smooth move, including packing, unpacking, and setting up a perfectly organized new space.

Full Home Decluttering & Organizing

Declutter and organize the entire house, including all rooms, closets, and storage spaces. rate depending on the size and complexity of the home plus Material on Actuals

Pantry Organizing

Remove expired items and organize food products, categorize each item for easy access &Implement storage solutions like clear containers and pull-out shelves rate depending on pantry size and complexity.

Wardrobe Decluttering & Organizing

Declutter, sort and arrange clothing and accessories in a way that maximizes space and makes it easier to find items.