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15 Home Organization Ideas for Tidying Up Every Room

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a solo task. With these 15 simple ideas, you can make your living space more functional and enjoyable. You can do it yourself or get help from professional organizers. The key is to find a system that suits your needs and stick to it. When everything has its place, your home not only looks great but also brings peace of mind. Our professional organizers can help you achieve that perfect balance and maintain it with ease.

1. Entryway:

Hooks for keys, bags, and coats.

Bench with storage for shoes.

Tray for mail and small items.

2. Living Room:

Multifunctional furniture like coffee tables with shelves.

Baskets for blankets and remotes.

Regularly declutter surfaces.

3. Kitchen:

Drawer organizers and shelf risers.

Clear containers for pantry items.

Hooks or magnetic strips for utensils.

4. Dining Room:

Sideboard for dining essentials

Minimal centrepiece to avoid table clutter

5. Bedroom:

Under-bed storage bins or beds with built-in drawers.

Drawer dividers for clothes.

Jewellery organizer.

6. Bathroom:

Shelves above the toilet.

Baskets for toiletries.

Drawer organizers for makeup.

Set up Shower caddy

7. Home Office:

Cable organizers and desktop file holders.

Floating shelves for books and supplies.

Bulletin board for notes.

8. Kids’ Room:

Labelled bins for toys.

Bookshelves at kid-friendly heights.

Under-bed storage for out-of-season items.

9. Closet:

Colour-coded system for clothes.

Matching hangers.

Shelves for shoes and accessories.

Hanging organizer for scarves and ties.

10. Garage:

Pegboards and hooks for tools.

Shelves for larger items.

Clear bins for smaller items, all labelled.

11. Laundry Room:

Rolling cart for laundry supplies.

Drying rack or retractable clothesline.

Hampers for sorting clothes.

12. Basement:

Heavy-duty shelves for storage bins.

Label bins.

Moisture-proof containers for damp-sensitive items.

13. Attic:

Labelled bins for seasonal items.

Shelving units to keep items off the floor.

Regularly review and declutter stored items.

14. Bathroom Vanity:

Drawer dividers for cosmetics and toiletries.

Medicine cabinet if space allows.

Small baskets under the sink for cleaning supplies.

15. Hallway Closet:

Shelves or cubbies for shoes and bags.

Hanging organizer for hats, gloves, and scarves.

Small basket for sunglasses and keys.

Our new home organizing services are especially useful if you’re moving into a new place and want to start fresh with a clutter-free environment.

Yearly Subscription Package

Offering a yearly subscription package can provide clients with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure their space remains organized throughout the year.The Yearly Organization Maintenance Subscription is designed to provide clients with regular visits from professional organizers to maintain the organization of their home. With scheduled sessions throughout the year, clients can enjoy a clutter-free and functional space year-round.A professional organizer visits the client’s home every three months for a thorough organization check-up. Identify any areas that need decluttering or reorganization.Make necessary adjustments to maintain an organized space.

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New Home Moves

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Declutter, sort and arrange clothing and accessories in a way that maximizes space and makes it easier to find items.